The ability to be able to manage multiple phases of a job efficiently and safely is imperative to be successful. JBT Electric’s knowledge in all aspects of the construction and commissioning of High Voltage Electrical Substations makes us a leading contractor for electrical utility construction and maintenance services. At JBT Electric, we are devoted to providing the highest quality of work to our customers with the assurance to meet all deadlines. Prior to breaking ground on any project all aspects of the job are discussed from management down to the crews on site to ensure that all personnel are on the same page with a defined game plan to safely execute all tasks.

Keys To Success:

  • Effective planning to maximize efficiency in project execution
  • Capacity to schedule and execute all tasks required efficiently and safely
  • Identify all pre-work that can be done to minimize all unexpected work
  • Optimized budgets and schedules
  • All work is comprehended and monitored supervisors and management
  • Ability to meet or beat all deadlines
  • Effectively planning for work alongside other contractors
  • Safety is our number one priority

JBT is dedicated to providing the utmost level of professionalism to our customers throughout every phase of the job at hand.